The crew celebrated Bob's Bachelor Bash with a nail-biting afternoon of paintball at California Paintball Park! It was in the high nineties, and we were all sweating like crazy! It was an all-out slugfest of paintball poppin’ power!

Paintball001 Paintball Paintball008
Paintball014 Paintball023 Paintball018
Paintball004 Paintball005 Paintball003
Paintball006 Paintball010 Paintball009
Paintball013 Paintball011 Paintball007
Paintball017 Paintball015 Paintball016
Paintball019 Paintball020 Paintball012

Afterwards we set out to feast as men do at CLAIM JUMPER in Northridge! Where every plate is a platter, every meal is a feast – CLAIM JUMPER! Home to the mouth-watering 24-ounce porterhouse steak, and the artery-hardening WIDOWMAKER BURGER, every meal at CLAIM JUMPER comes with buttermilk biscuits or a cheese-drenched baked potato! ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO TAKE IT?!?!?

Dinner004 Dinner002 Dinner001
Dinner Dinner005 Dinner003
Dinner006 Dinner007