Halloween is my favorite time of year, and the best Halloween Party is the Detroit Street Halloween Spectacular. Each year, the boys decorate the joint in a cool spooky theme. One year it was Sleepy Hollow. Another year it was a big haunted pirate shipwreck. Once it was Camp Crystal Lake. This year it was a haunted castle in the style of Universal's Classic Monsters. People here in Hollywood really know how to make a good costume, so Halloween night ends up being a who's who of creative costuming talents. Take a looksee at the pictures below, and you'll get the idea! (Photos by me, Carrie Canning and Casey B. Davis.)

JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween002 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween020
JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween018 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween014 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween003
JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween013 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween012 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween011
JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween010 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween009 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween008
JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween007 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween006 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween005
JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween004 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween001 JDoctorOctopus2004Halloween015
JasonSmithDocOck VicasJD SandE
Lynndieand ShukoffandDanielle TheBand
CeshaonDrums Kirsten-StayPuft Lynndie
DocOckAttacks MrandMrsChesley MrandMrsSpears
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DocOckArrival a8b8 TitanicBattle
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kirsten halloween001
UPDATE! NOVEMBER 2005! Kirsten's costume made the Wizard Comic Book Magazine's COSTUME CONTEST!
kirsten halloween002
Yeah, they misspelled her name, but they gave her a hi-larious "Louie Anderson" joke...