This is the story of my Dad and I visiting the Warner Brothers Backlot. We went all over the lot on an off-day when not many people were there shooting. Special Thanks to Andria for teaching me how to do basic HTML.

The Warner Brothers Water Tower. (Click any picture for a Larger View)

The West Wing carts all have the Presidential Seal on them!

Lots of sets were in storage on big carts. Click in closer to see what this set was from...

If you look closely, you can see fake bricks plastered onto the wood. Movie and TV sets are all just flats like this.

Dark Alley set. You saw it in Batman and Spider-Man, and countless other movies.

The Town Square. It used to be Hazzard County Courthouse from "The Dukes of Hazzard." They were setting up a "church" nearby for a shoot.

A foam gravestone, stored in one of the old west buildings.

DRAW! Dad faces off outside the Old West Saloon.

The Saloon is one of very few backlot buildings that have actual insides to them.

There's a real bar inside!

We went up the stairs to the balcony. John Wayne shot a lot of guys here...

But when you go into the upstairs rooms, they just turn out to be hallways.

Follow the hallways and you end up in a maze upstairs.

The stairs lead to the BALCONY!!!

From the balcony, you can see the whole "town."

In the background you can see the couthouse/bank/richest man in town's house.

Back down the stairs. It was windy and we kept hearing spooky doors slamming. Like a real ghost town.

We got freaked out by this cat outside the window. Turns out there are cats living all over the backlot.

Back in the Saloon, Dad poses on the balcony.

More wild kittys.

We roamed past the soundstages. People were building sets inside.

The soundstages all have big plaques on them listing famous movies that were filmed inside.

"West Wing" currently shoots in one of them.

This one was where "Christmas Vacation" was filmed, one of Dad's favorite Christmas flicks.

That was it for our tour! Hope you enjoyed this look inside the WB Backlot!