Lisa and Jason's Japanese Adventure

This is the story of my trip to visit Lisa in Japan. We traveled all over the place and ran ourselves ragged for the entire week I was there. Photos all taken by Lisa and Myself. Thank you to Andria C. for loaning me HTML code and teaching me how to use it a little.
Day 1: Getting There
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My plane left Los Angeles International at an ungodly early hour of the morning. It was a few hours to Vancouver, then a 12 to 14 hour jaunt over the north atlantic to Japan.

The Vancouver Airport has an elevated walkway for disembarking passengers.

Huge meals on international flights! My seatmate Magumi (whose hands you can see here) is a Japanese Tour Guide, leading a travel group back from Canada.

14 hours of flying...

Flying over rice paddies near Narita Airport.

Finally! On the train into town with Lisa.
The Plane was an hour late, so I was late finding Lisa, and we were late catching our train to Hiroshima. That meant staying a bonus night in Tokyo! We decided to walk the Ginza area near our hotel and find something to eat.

This hotel had a last-minute opening for us. We were very lucky, and ended up with an awesome room.

Ginza is sort of like Times Square in New York.

Lots of people and neon everywhere

Kentucky Fried Chicken is everywhere in Tokyo.

Even on the other side of the planet, you can't escape Starbucks.

Spider-Man was coming soon. This is the Spidey banner on the Sony Building.
After walking the city for a couple hours, we were getting REALLY hungry. Lisa teaches english in a small town, and hadn't tasted anything but Japanese food in a while, so we had ITALIAN.
I travel thousands of miles around the entire planet, and we get Italian food.
Lisa had wok-fried lasagna and I had "The Pizza of the Five Kinds of Cheeses."

Lisa Unpacking

American hotels provide bathrobes. Japanese hotels provide kimonos (kind of)